The battle of the shoes.


Running is my physical activity of choice. I have competed in many ten kilometre races and although I do them for my own personal achievement I find myself spending a lot of time choosing an appropriate outfit to suit the conditions of the run.

Nike claims that they often dress women who run from head to ankle but rarely are Nike a preference of running shoe for women. I have to agree with this statement as I have never selected my Nikes for any ten kilometre run I’ve entered.

Asics held the edge over Nike when it came to shoe sales, specifically for the female range of Nike shoes. The design Nike used for women’s shoes was always uniquely for women’s feet but they neglected to aim their advertising at women exclusively when it came to their shoes.

Nike set an aim for their campaign to connect with the female population of the running community and encourage them to talk more about the Nike brand.

Nike used a digital marketing approach to combat the issue surrounding women not using their brand of shoes for running. The campaign was called Nike: She Runs. The idea of the campaign was to connect women from across the country via an online medium to promote women’s night runs.

Nike developed an app that was to be used as a registration, training  and ecommerce solution to be used by women participating in the Nike: She runs the night events. The app also supplies all participants with their digital medals once they complete the race. This app encouraged participants and the greater to talk more about the Nike brand.

So why did Nike choose night running events to promote their brand to women? Firstly research was conducted on female runners which evidence showing that most women train alone which means they do not share their successes with others. Nike decided to develop a women’s running community using the phone app and designing running races for night time which is often when women find it most lonely and unsafe to be training on their own. This spread brand awareness and, from myself who is a runner, i believe a great social connection and motivator. It empowers women to share their running journeys while promoting Nike.

The poster used to advertise for this campaign had its own digital marketing spin on it which really caught my interest. The poster (picture below) has a barcode which can be scanned using a smart phone to bring up a template of the poster on your own phone. Once you have the template you can then add your own photo of yourself so that the poster is now personalised. From there Nike encouraged women to share their personalised posters with friends via social media to spread the word about the running events.

Overall this campaign was highly interactive and a lot of the information about it was shared by individuals who had entered in one of the races. This meant wide coverage about not only the race events, phone app and poster but also Nike as a brand. The results for the first event were that fourteen thousand females were talking about the event in just over one month of it being released. By the end of the event the Nike: She Runs The Night female community was in excess of fifty four thousand members. I think Nike has definitely successfully developed brand awareness through this campaign.



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