The Papertweeto concept.


Confetti is fun for many different occasions. At Argentinean soccer games it is a tradition to throw paper in the air to wish the team good luck. Coca Cola used this confetti throwing idea to connect with a crowd through a digital marketing approach at a soccer game in America. Coca Cola asked fans of an Argentinian soccer team to tweet their encouragement for the team including the hashtag ‘#HinchadaCocaCola’. These were then sent to the printer to be made into confetti. In total two million ‘papertweetos’, as Coca Cola named them, where shot from cannons into the crowds as the team entered the field.

This was a clever marketing decision by Coca Cola because they successfully received two million positive tweets with their brand attached. It also got potential customers talking about the Coca Cola brand.This social media take on digital marketing, i believe, opens many opportunities for Coca Cola. They have reached a wide audience and got a conversation started about their creative approach. They also chose to engage a live audience with their brand which means instant reaction and marketing success.

The boundaries of social media digital marketing were pushed with this campaign. There are even claims that it may be in the top five most innovative ideas for social media marketing in 2011. I believe Coca Cola has put themselves in a highly sort after position in the marketing game after this campaign.

Below is the post campaign video which explains the process taken to achieve the end result.


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